Can You Score 10/10 In This DC Movies Quiz?

Hey, DC fans, can you ace this one?

There are only two names which come into our minds when we think of superhero movies. One is Marvel, and the other is DC. They both are ruling the superhero genre movies and have got a huge fanbase all around the world. Many films have been released in the DC's universe and have grossed billions of dollars. The most familiar superheroes of DC universe are Batman and Superman, but the list of famous villains is long because no one can match the evils introduced in DC. Nearly every year a movie from DC is being released, the latest one was 'Wonder Woman'.

The DC comics have grown fast and vast in the recent years. So, we thought we should dedicate a special quiz for checking the fans' knowledge about the movies. The quiz which you are about to play is not an easy one, but I am sure it will refresh your memories. 

So, just take the quiz and check your knowledge about DC movies.