People on the Internet Shared Their Darkest Family Secrets and They're Spooky AF

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It is often said that we all lead three different lives: public, private and secret. While there are many who are aware of our public and private lives, the secret ones aren't known to many. They just need to be respected the way they are.

Hiding a secret or two is nothing but a human virtue and everyone, after all, has a few skeletons in their closet.

However, this is a series of revelations that is taking things to an altogether different level. It's just a reflection of how some families are harbouring darker secrets than the most. 

The varied answers, as a part of the thread, range from the disclosure of a mother knowing that her child was being abused and still doing nothing about it to someone who found out their 'sister' was their mother. People have been sharing some of their most intimate family secrets in this 'what are some of the most messed up family secrets?' series.

It has attracted visitors close to a million and we feel it is one of the most messed-up ones. Take a look!