11 Ferocious Women Who Showed A Middle Finger To Societal Stereotypes

Women who're not equal to men but ahead of them!


"Some women fear the fire, some simply become it."- R.H. Sin

Women deserve to be loved and respected for reasons as equally for any other human or animal on this earth. Gone are the days when women were restricted to do and say what they had in their mind and heart. The modern woman has emerged as a sensation today.

They stood as an inspiration and driving force for many. Every day we hear about those women who broke the good for nothing stereotypes to become successful in life. Breaking the stereotypes, India's self-made women often remind us that any stream, any field of art is not gender-biased. Women deserve equal, and in fact, more opportunities in every stratum of life may it be acting, mountain climbing or flying fighter planes. The fields as mentioned are not restricted to just men, and that has been proved by these women of virtue.

So, today let's take a glance at these inspirational women who broke all stereotypes that the society has put upon all of us and yet came out as one successful lady.