When Dalai Lama Had An Emotional Reunion With A Guard After 58 Years...

An instance full of surprises!


Last year, I went to Dharmasala for two reasons. First, to meet Dalai Lama and second, to see the beautiful Cricket Stadium located on the steps of the snow-capped mountains. I got to see the stadium but I could not meet the Dalai Lama for the simple reason.

Dharmasala, as the name suggests is the ‘home of religions’ majorly habituated by the followers of Buddhist religion. In fact, the Dalai Lama is running a parallel Tibetan government from Dharmasala and the people of Tibet consider Dalai Lama as their real leader. It must be noted that Tibet is illegally occupied by China and the Dalai Lama is their leader in the fight against the illegal occupation.

Now when Dalai Lama escaped to India 58 years ago, fearing the Chinese backlash, there were a couple of Assam Rifles guards who safely escorted him to Tawang from Lungla and Narendra Das was one of them.

During an interactive Namami Brahmaputra event organised by the Assam Government in Guwahati to commemorate the river for her immense importance in the region, the Dalai Lama recognised the uniformed Narendra Das straightaway, embraced him deeply and said “Thank you very much.... I am very very happy to meet such an old member of the Assam Rifles who guarded and escorted me to India 58 years ago,” making the reunion immensely emotional. And then he added in jest “looking at your face, I now realise I must be very old too.”

Interestingly, Dalai Lama is also known for his humour.