15 Totally Relatable Comics Showing The Cute Side Of Relationships

These should ring a bell in the background!


Some would argue that to find your other half amongst the billions of people on the earth is the ultimate goal. The point of existence. A relationship is a perfect target and when you are lucky enough to find yourself as one, it is truly the greatest thing you could wish for. Especially, if your partner is genuinely your missing half.

Relationships have their ups and downs. There will be moments where you argue or disagree, there will be moments where your partner's habits annoy the living crap out of you, but despite these moments, you remain together, by each other's sides. For me the beautiful part about relationships is seeing a person for who they truly are, faults included. You get to see them raw; you see the part of a person that nobody in the world ever gets to see. You get to share the most intimate experiences and feel their emotions without a word being said between you.

Love can do wonders, love can be learning about a person's faults and not only accepting them but loving them for it. Love can be making fun of each other. Love can be crying together over a really sad film. Love can also be farting on your partner's lap when you are spooning. Lol!

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