Some Of The Cruelest Words People Have Said While Breaking Up

You will want to break their heads!


Break-ups hurt, and they hurt bad! 

Some (I mean girls/women) take the shopping route as a mode of recovery, while some take to flirting with random strangers as a means of finding solace from that pain. But there are some very interesting creatures who believe in utilizing the power of words and right to speech in the best of ways possible. Somehow people never run out of words when it comes to hatred, but they do feel speechless when a situation demands an expression of love or appreciation. 

We are about to share some very cruel things people have said while breaking up; such is the level of spite that they will make you want to break your or their or someone’s head. I am sure you are already recalling your break-ups and how you dealt with them, but the following break-up texts are beyond comparison.

These have been compiled from responses gathered from Reddit. Get ready for some really nasty words...

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