Wanna Know What Conversations Do People Have With Their Dogs?

Chit-chats between dogs and their human friends!


If I were asked, and if it were to interest anyone, my favourite love stories involve dogs and humans who share an amazing chemistry. ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ and ‘Marley and Me’ are very close to my heart and remind me of my pet, Fido. Those are the true love sagas that inspire us to fall in love selflessly; with due respect to ‘Twilight’ and ’50 First Dates’ fans. 

Every dog lover and dog owner have a timeline where he or she has loved or loves sharing their life with a dog. Besides providing unconditional love, dogs are also good listeners and never complain about your choice of words. Whatever the scenario may be, they make the best companions and promise loyalty without expecting anything but your love (and lots of attention) in return. 

Like every human, every dog is different and has their own way of following your commands and expressing his or her emotion. There are certain conversations or one-liners that every dog owner repeats with their pets almost every day. Take a stroll with us in this dog park today and let us know how many of these conversations you’ve had with your dog. Also, feel free to add more to this list. Let’s go woof, woof, woof...