This Man's Initiative Is An Incredible Thing To Follow On Environment Day 2017

Let us save our only home!


5th June, every year, is observed as the World Environment Day or simply Environment Day all over the world. The annual celebration campaign of the World Environment Day was initiated to address major environmental issues like wastage and losses of food, deforestation, increasing global warming to name a few. 

Every year, a particular theme and slogan are chosen to bring effectiveness in the campaign all around the world. Over the years, it has been celebrated to successfully get carbon neutrality, reducing greenhouse effects, promoting biofuels production by planting on degraded lands, use of hydro-power, encourage common public to use solar water heaters, energy production through solar sources, promoting coral reefs and mangroves restoration and so many more causes. 

Today, you should definitely know what the UN General Secretary had to say on this day and also how a unique initiative by an Indian will inspire you to do something this Environment Day and play your part as an Earth resident. 

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