Common Fears Women Struggle With When They Experience First Pregnancy

Here are a few common fears! 


Giving birth to a new life, someone who is a part of you and your beloved is a divine and joyous feeling. The urge to experience motherhood is inevitable for any woman. 

However, first pregnancy brings fears of all kinds, a few of them are rational or understandable. But there are fears that women who get pregnant or the first time find it difficult to explain and share it with others including husband and one's mother.  Every mum-to-be experiences this and often pregnancy fears take a toll on her. Though you spend time fantasizing about how your life would be, 9 months after, but there are aspects which make you really uncomfortable. Pregnancy is the best time to pamper yourself, but what is it that is making you cringe?

You find it hard to prevent your mind from entering the dark space, where you fear the unexpected. 

WittyFeed brings you some of the common struggles first-time mommies face.