Plan How To Keep Your Pocket Safe From These GST Item List

From regular to weirdest!

Our nation, first time after its independence, is on the verge of seeing a major and perhaps the biggest economic change. From July 1st, 2017, the Goods and Services Tax bill or the GST bill, as we all know, will be taking over the world's largest democracy and will deepen its roots firmly in the economy to decide the financial future of our nation. 

As passed by the central government of India, the Goods and Services Tax bill will have a four-tier slab with tax division rates distributed as- five per cent, twelve per cent, eighteen per cent and twenty-eight per cent. As promised by the centre, GST is been brought to nourish the economic condition of the country, but at what cost? 

Surely, for a change in the economic behaviour, rates of certain commodities will go high which will affect the money in our pockets. There are no two notions regarding the good will of the countrymen as all of us desire the progress of our nation. But the government has also surprised us by putting no tax on items that you might have never thought of.

Here's the list of GST distribution, categorically.