Software Development Needs Not Just Skills, Know What's More Important!

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Software development is beyond basic coding, it requires much more than just effort and sincerity. Isn't it?

The software development process begins with writing the code, examining the requirements and objectives, then designing what needs to be coded, followed by a confirmation that what is developed has met its objectives. It requires precision, needs one to be meticulous, and thoughtful as to what one wants from the software being developed as an output. 

While most of the time, we can't test everything and prefer "trial and error" method in life, college life certainly gives us the privilege to test our limits by participating in college fests and hone the skills needed to succeed in life. The time spent in college not only prepares us for life but gives us that competitive edge and the courage to face problems. 

Here are a few required skills that we get to earn by participating in college competitions.