Chris Evans' Journey As Captain America From Fear Of Failure To Getting Replaced

We'll always love you Captain America!

Some actors are born to play a particular role, but most hurting part of their journey is that it ends one day. Recently, we witnessed the end of Hugh Jackman's time as the Wolverine. No one is yet able to think about his replacement, and same is the case with some other superheroes and characters. Let's talk about Chris Evans' journey as Captain America.

Chris Evans was no stranger to superhero films when he first stepped into the shoes of Captain America, but the role was not an easy one. He had to make many sacrifices to pull off one of the most famous characters in Marvel comics.

Chris Evans' beloved character, Captain America has been a part of Marvel's biggest hits in past few years. He has appeared in five films (without uncredited cameos) since his first one, Captain America: The First Avenger. But the journey was not an easy one because it is not easy to sign a big franchise like Marvel. Chris also had some second thoughts regarding playing the character, but he did it, and we know how successful it became.

Here we have gathered many interesting facts about Chris Evans' journey as Captain America.