Talent Scores Over Nepotism Anywhere And This Is How Bollywood Proved That

What's your talent? 


How do we go far in life actually? Is it pure talent? Or is it something in our genes (nepotism) or something we cultivate over the years, like passion and hard work? Kangana Ranaut has a point of view here.

The Revolver Rani is back in the Rani Laxmi Bai avatar. But that's nothing new. Kangana has this habit of staying in the news for all the right reasons. Yes, right reasons - you read it right. Very few people has got that knack.

So when Kangana said she would have ended up a farmer, everyone was surprised. But there's a valid reason why she said so. She was reacting to the recent 'Nepotism Rocks' chants at the IIFA Awards and an open letter written by Saif Ali Khan. 

Let us say - Kangana is the perfect example of how people from small towns make it to the Bollywood, without actually having a godfather. And Saif Bhai is a perfect example of how people make it in Bollywood with a father figure - yes, Saif bhai has won a National Award and Padma Shri. Remember Langda Tyagi? 

Nepotism or no nepotism, it's the talent that matters in the end. 

Scroll down to find out what's the controversy, why Kangana said she would have ended up as a farmer and that how we have superstars from both the nepotism and non-nepotism category.