Running for 101, These Identical Twins Completed 100 Years Of Life With 65 Children

Living a full century.


Do you have siblings? Or better, Twins? The relationship you share with your brother or sister is immense in terms of all the love and fights you have. And, when that sibling of yours is your twin and together you march ahead for almost a century. How does that feel? Great, isn't it?

Camila Lima, a Brazilian photographer, recently came across twin sisters who were going to celebrate their 100th birthday together. 

To celebrate the occasion, Lima thought of taking a photo shoot of the lovely twins - Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi. The Brazilian sisters already are local celebrities.

Paulina and Maria live in Vitória, Brazil, and the shoot also took place in the same vicinity. And, as a gift to them on their 100th birthday, Lima didn't charge them for taking their photographs. 

So, without any delay further, meet the twins who celebrated their 100th birthday together.