Waist And What Not! These Celebs Chose To Insure Their Most Unimaginable Body Parts

Middle fingers also insured.


We all know what use does an insurance cover have in our lives. When mishaps occur in our life, the money offered by insurance companies helps us to manage expenses. For many people, it is the only means to meet the expenses. 

But, what would you do if your life depends on it? Like if you are an actor/singer or celebrity earning off your looks and that happens to get damaged in an accident. You'll not be able to follow the same occupation in life again if not insured. 

Though we know what kind of life celebrities live, what you're about to read is the odd type of insurance cover they obtained. For example, Ronaldo, whose life depends on how well does he play soccer, has an insurance policy for his legs for a massive amount of (well, scroll through and you'll get to know it soon). 

Similarly, the following celebrities chose insurance policies for their body parts they're best known for. The insurance amount involved is crazy.