Bollywood Celebs You Might Not Know Can Fly A Plane 

They are super duper talented! 

"No beauty is brighter than the beauty of a heart that does better and never forgets its roots."

I have come across various people who have been so good at their jobs. But, somehow they weren't satisfied with it. Eventually, these people did something for themselves and are an inspiration for me today. 

If you are a movie buff or you love Bollywood gossips, you might claim to know a lot about your favourite stars. But, no matter how hard you try, there would always be one thing that would be missed by you. Today, I have got an interesting listicle on celebrities who are trained in flying a plane. Yes, a gigantic plane. I don't know how many of knew about this but there have been various names who are so talented but their hectic schedule just doesn't allow them to work on it. 

Here's the list. :)