Saloni Chopra's Perspective On Gender Equality Will Give You a Reality Check 

"Can girls concentrate on their studies if they are busy handling their boobies and sitting appropriately?"

Recently, a lady was shooting with her team wearing a bikini. Suddenly, she noticed a man taking a video of her. She went and politely asked him to delete the pictures. He turned around and insulted her. She then switched on her phone camera and started shooting the man instead. 

"If I’m not accompanied by a guy, it’s okay for strangers to photograph me without my consent? If I’m alone, I’m making a big deal? Walking down the street, wearing what she likes, living her life - she’s not asking to be porned out," she then shared the same on Instagram. 

The lady was none other than Saloni Chopra. Yes, the one who calls herself 'Feminist AF.' 

Saloni has always been in the limelight for her attempts to break the stereotype by highlighting sensitive issues concerning women. And after this incident, I decided to talk to her and know what inspires her to be this vocal and influential.