From 10 Crore to 500 Crore, These Are India's Most Expensive Weddings 

Lakshmi Mittal's daughter's wedding cost Rs 350 crore. 

The concept of 'big fat Indian wedding' has been around for quite some time, and it usually goes on for days. You might now even know the people who are attending your wedding but all of a sudden for one day they are treated with an extravagant experience. This is most prevalent in the case of people who throw lavish weddings.  

Marriages are a celebration of the union of two souls, two humans and two families but some people take it way too seriously. They try to make it a point that their wedding becomes the most remembered wedding. So, on that note, here is a list of Indian weddings that will always stay in the limelight for defining how 'big' and 'fat' the Indian weddings can be.