Anshuman Jha Reveals How a Young Actor Can Survive in Bollywood

"Perseverance is a habit of victory!"

A 16-year-old was trying his best to get admission in Barry John's Imago Acting School. After all, Barry John is one of the most famous acting teachers in India and his school admits students aged 18 and above. 

After struggling for a year and making rounds of his office more than six times, Barry John one day decided to speak to this kid and said, "You're 17, come back the next year once you're 18. Why are you so relentless?"

"Next year I am going to shift to Bombay because I want to be an actor. There I will study at Xavier's, and I am going to do theatre there. So, please let me do your course," said the kid. After a 10 second break, Barry John allowed the kid to attend the school.

The reason I am narrating this story is that, this 17-year-old got a rare chance to learn acting under the guidance of the most famous acting guru because he kept seeking him for two years. 

This 17-year-old was none other than actor Anshuman Jha

And just like getting an opportunity to be trained by Barry John to making a debut at Prithvi Theatre to signing the film Love Sex Aur Dhokha, whatever Anshuman Jha has earned in his life is because of his perseverance.

So, how about, we have a look at this Josh Talks by the actor where he shares his experience about how a young actor survived in the industry because of his determination.