Did You Know About These Stars And Their Rehab Stories?

The industry of glamour and glitz have many dark secrets.

Do you remain flabbergasted by the luxurious life of your favourite celebrity? I know most of us are. But do you know that a celebrity's life is not just about glamour and glitz, parties and holidays, but several other things that most of us are unaware of? 

Like mostly every other day we come across various rumors and news stories concerning celebrities' involvement in drug or alcohol addiction. This directly or indirectly affects their career and life. You will be surprised to know that some got so much indulged into such addictions that they had to go to rehabilitation centers for detoxification. There are even stories of celebrities going to health and rescue centers for their personal grooming.

So let's read about such celebrities who have stories about being into rehab. Some of these tales were shared by the stars themselves while some beans were spilled by the media.