Bigg Boss 11 Contestants And Their Lesser-Known Secrets

Some dark secrets of their life!

Every human being has a past! Be it good or bad, we all have some secrets hidden in our past which we never ever wish to reveal in front of anyone. And just like you and me, even the celebs have a 'past' which even they don't wish to come up ever. But being celebs, they get a lot of attention, and hence many of them fail to keep their privacy intact. As a result of which, the dark and dirty secrets of their life tend to get circulated in the media and eventually reaches to the audience and their fans.
So friends, as Bigg Boss is the most talked about reality show in the recent times, we decided to bring here the list of all such 'secrets' about the life of celebs on the show which stirred some of the biggest controversies. The list also contains some 'information' about the commoners on the show who aren't less than any celebrity now.