Forget Salman Khan, Here's India's New Most Eligible Bachelor

Guess who is he?


Girls, hold your hearts out…

Wear it on your sleeves!

Go the extra mile…

We are going to reveal the most eligible bachelor in the country right now! Here are some hints:

1. He is a good looking and charming guy (Of Course)

2. Recently shot to fame, thanks to his hard work and dedication

3. Rejected 6000 marriage proposals not so long ago (if rumors are to be believed)

After reading this, you will feel like girls are forgetting Salman Khan and rushing behind this in-demand actor. But, wait... Enough of me, let me reveal the name of the one who's here to steal every girl's heart. And he's none other than our very own BAAHUBALI… After all, Prabhas is the most eligible bachelor in the country right now. Isn't he?Well, if you are still in dilemma then here are the reasons why: