10 Cricket Legends And What They Feel About Virat Kohli 

Even legends believe that Kohli is a bigger legend! 


Virat is known for his flamboyance on the screen, with sheer dedication and hard work he has become the best skipper India can ever have. From being a no one to paving a way to the list of world's best-dressed men of 2012, he has never failed to amaze us. 

His aggression, his sharp looks, his determination and even his fun frolic mood, every side of Virat has made an abode in almost every cric fan's heart. In a journey of less than five years, Virat has become a figure on whom the complete Indian Cricket Team can rely today. 

But, these were my thoughts on the legendary sportsman, ever wondered what others in his team think about him? Today, we have come up with a list of people who spoke their heart out and shared what they think about Virat.

Check it out yourself!