Ravana From Ramayana 1986 Is Now A Ram-Bhakta And This Is How He Looks After 31 Years 

He is still the most admired ‘Ravana’ of the small screen.


Among the most appreciated shows on Indian television are the shows based on Mythology. If I speak about my interest for it, I even try to wind up a greater part of my work to see such shows on time. And similar to me, many people gather collectively with their families to watch them.

Till date, dozens of TV shows have come that have portrayed the epic Hindu mythology. But none matched with the likes of Ramayana, which started in the year 1986 on Doordarshan and soon became a benchmark. 

When we talk about Ramayana, it isn't wrong to say that Ramayana is incomplete without Ravana. This character alive in our memories even today. Among the actors who rose to fame with the show, was the actor who played Ravana, in the programme. He is still the most admired ‘Ravana’ of the small screen. 

So let's take a look at how the most popular onscreen ‘Ravana’ looks like now.