10 Celebrities Who Tricked All Of Us By Acting As Their Own Doppelgänger

It was nice, so they did it twice.

There are no limits to imagination in film making, and with the kind of technology advancement we're witnessing in the modern age, almost everything seems possible. 

With techniques of special effects being made so easy to use for any beginner, filmmakers around the world are experimenting new things to entertain the audience.

One such experiment was conducted in silent film, Lady of the Night, in 1925. The movie starred Norma Shearer in a double role. The film received good response but it was the technique, which did the trick.

Ever since then, many stars like Lewis Stone to Ronald Colman to Nicholas Cage to Dove Cameron have played double roles. We've seen it all but did not notice it that way.

For last nine decades, actors and actresses have been playing their doppelganger in the same film or television shows.

WittyFeed brings you 10 foreign films and TV shows in which actors played double roles.

Let's see!