Prince William Reveals About Princess Diana And How His Family Would Never Meet Her

A heart-wrenching interview.


August 31, 2017, will mark the 20th death anniversary of Princess Diana. The car accident, which led to her death, is so fresh in our minds that it appears a matter of yesterday.

The sudden, unexpected tragic demise of Princess Diana had shocked the world. However, little did anyone understand the trauma and pain which her two sons suffered.

For the first time, Prince William will share feelings of grief, despair and dismay, he felt after losing his mother and struggles he faced in his life afterwards. All of it will be released in an interview which will be taken as the cover story of British GQ Magazine's July 2017 edition.

WittyFeed brings you excerpts of what Prince William has to say about his mother and how it makes him feel sad that his family will never be able to meet her. The interview reflects his desires and anguish.

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