Mark Zuckerberg Talks About Drug Addiction, Relationships & Being A Part Of Congress

He spoke his heart out!

You probably have your Facebook tab open on chrome and whiling away your time in the virtual world. It has ingrained in your lives to the extent that your resolutions for the new year have become weird. Now they include promises to yourself that you’ll spend less time on Facebook and limit yourself from being on it the whole day. But, will that solve anything for you? 

Well, since you know the answer so instead of telling that, today I’ll bring you the gist of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent post. The CEO himself brings you his insight about “People you may know” to people you should know. Well, that was one of the many observations the Billionaire talked about. 

On the grounds of 3 stories and shear observations, the following points will help you know Mark’s vision better and that there’s way too much for you to contemplate from his life than just one of his creations – Facebook.