Shah Rukh Khan Preparing For His Ted Talk Debut Proves That Giving Speech Is Not An Easy Task

It's too funny!


Have you ever felt nervous before appearing for an entrance exam or delivering a speech in front of just 10 people? It must have been quite troublesome, isn't it? Same was the situation of Shah Rukh Khan while he prepared for his debut Ted Talk. Khan's manager, Pooja Gurnani shared one such hilarious video of his, watching which you'll surely let out a belly laugh.

Whether in the office or under his blanket, while having breakfast or just a short walk, Shah Rukh was seen practicing his lines almost all the time. However, the actor seems to inherit the quote "Practice makes a man perfect" in his life and that is the reason for his 'much appreciated' talk in Vancouver in April.

It is rightly said by Khan's manager that even watching him prepare is a delight. Indeed the actor resides in the hearts of all his fans and followers.

Don't miss the uproarious video downside.