These Game Of Thrones Characters Are Strikingly Similar To Indian Epic Mahabharat

Who inspired Daenerys Targaryen's character?


Since its inception, the entire world is going crazy over HBO's famous television series, Game of Thrones. Everyone gets glued to their seats on Sundays when the new episodes arrive, getting addicted to the kind of drama and fantasy that the show presents in front of them.

But, it turns out that we Indians are enjoying this show better than any other country in this world. We get the plot, twists, and turns more profoundly and easily. At some places, we even guess what might happen in the next episode of GoT, and it seems we're pretty good at judging it.

Wondering how does that happen? Well, it's because we have seen, sorry, Indian lands have witnessed the same war for the Iron Throne around 311 BC. Most of us have grown up reading Indian epic and cultural stories, like Ramayana and Mahabharat. 

However, Mahabharat is that one epic which has a strikingly common connection to Game of Thrones.

Have a look!