The Best Gift Mother Gives To A New Born, A 45-Minute Time With Her Dying Father

The mother of sacrifices!

Today, you’re going to read about a family that stays in The Colony, Texas. A family of five which was soon going to turn into 6. It did, but an unfortunate event of death just after five days made the family count back to five. The male head of Aulger family, who was a father to four kids and another one on its way, was suffering from Cancer. The good part was that Mark Aulger recovered with the help of chemotherapy but in the process, he lost another vital organ of the body - lungs. Because of this very reason, Mark couldn’t survive long after going through cancer’s treatment. During this whole time, his wife Diane was expecting another baby. Both the parents wanted that before Mark passes away, he’s able to see the face of his child. You can’t control one’s life or save anyone you want to, but what Diane did is commendable. This is what she did: