Can You Score At Least 5 In This 'Common Sense Quiz'?

Buckle up!

Sometimes we come across some questions which we think are impossible or difficult to answer but in fact, many times, those questions are easy and just require a little bit of common sense. 

Common sense is something which may help many people throughout their day, but I have seen some who still accuse others of not having it. 

Tricky questions are great when you are getting bored because they are entertaining as well as they can check your common sense. The answers to the following questions are hilarious, and when you hear the logic behind them, you have no option except laughing.

We always try hard to become smarter in every field but still fail at common sense sometimes. But it does not mean that we don't have it, we just need the presence of mind to answer them. 

So, take this quiz consciously and share, if you like it.