Love Is Beyond the Realms of Physical Appearance, and We Have a Beautiful Proof

It wasn't love at first sight.

Love remains a concept we don’t fully understand. But what we know about love is that when we are in it, we are head over heels that one person. Our mind and emotions solely think about that one individual. 

As finding love in today’s age has become relatively difficult, people have started to look for love ‘online’.

That’s fine too, as long as we come across the right individual who gets us feeling like we have butterflies in our stomach.

Platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder allow people to find love online. After all, love does not simply have to be based on physical appearances, it can purely be based on emotions and the connection shared between two people.

When we fall in love, we seek hope from that person. We fall in love with the tiniest details, be it their words, how they feel, perceive and respond.

It can still be love even if we haven't met that person, yet talking to them makes us feel like we've known them for years.
We came across one such love story that started in a similar way: