He is no Ordinary Cab Driver, But a Writer Whose Story Will Inspire You to Follow Your Dreams

Sachin Gaur is just a 10th pass taxi driver in Uber. 

Safar hi manzil, 'sawal' yeh bas aisa hi hai,

Bhaagne ka karan, 'sawal' paisa hi hai.

One of my colleagues decided to take a cab to work, little did she know that this ride would change someone's life. 

When she told the driver, she has to go to Shekhar Central, he asked her if she knows about WittyFeed, a company that apparently is in the same building. 

"I work there," answered my colleague.

As soon as she said this, the driver handed her a diary and told her that he has been carrying it around so that he could hand it over to us at WittyFeed.

The man was then called at the WittyFeed Headquarters, and here is what happened next.