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Tenth edition of SRCC Business Conclave is here. Are you in Delhi?

Do you crave exposure? You know, like, stepping out into the world of unknown things and experiencing it for the first time. Experience is what molds us into a better individual, and as we're on the lookout for cool and exciting things, we learn a lot from our college life. 

Your graduation years contribute a lot to your life when you're exposed to different cultures; you breathe in a diverse environment, meet new people, etc. Precisely, there are not enough words to explain the fabulous life college gives you. 

But, you can only be benefitted from the experience we're talking about when appropriately utilised. Not talking about the attendance part here or academic scores, participation is a must in conferences, cultural programs, annual fests, which help you broaden the spectrum of your perception. 

It means when you listen to someone talk about events in college, don't miss the opportunity to attend them and learn. And, I've got one right here which offers you immense scope for your development: