Lady Loses Loved Ones And This Is How A Cup Of Tea Brings Her Smile Back (Video) 

Reviving lost memories!   

Brooke Bond Red Label, one of India's largest tea selling brands, launched its new advertisement as part of its campaign "Swaad Apnepan Ka". Its thrust was that a cup of tea can revive forgotten memories and rekindle human bond.

In this advertisement, a young man visits his neighbour who is a lonely, old woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease. There used to be a time when the whole neighborhood used to crave for her tea she made. As soon as the disease struck and she forgot how to make it, they forgot her. 

In the video, the young man makes a cup of tea for her. The old woman thinks him to be her son Amit and he let her think he is her son. As soon as she tastes the tea, her memories come alive and she starts chatting with the young man. The woman enjoys talking to him so much that she asks if they can have another cup of tea together. 

The protagonist in the film says that forgetting loved ones is a disease in itself.  A cup of tea can't cure Alzheimer's disease but it can cure loneliness.  

Have a look.