These Creative Pictures Are Going Viral On The Internet For All The Right Reasons

Adopt, don't shop.


There are many potential pet owners out there. They just need a little nudge. Photographer Amol Jadhav and art director Pranav Bhide have created the perfect inspirational campaign for the World For All Animal Care And Adoptions in Mumbai. This was promoted to spread awareness about the adoption event. Needless to say, the attendance of the event was boosted by 150 percent which leads to 42 adoptions.

Using a smart lighting and framing technique, the creative pair, currently working at McCann Worldgroup India, made a series of optical illusion portraits consisting of two images in one. They arranged the pictures in such a way that the space between them illustrated the shape of an animal. The whole illusion came together when they turned on a super bright backlight and a gentle fill light in the front.

Their tagline was the best- “There’s always room for more. Adopt.”