These Heartfelt Neelesh Misra Lyrics Will Make Your Heart Thump Loud 

Storyteller of the Century!


"Ek din mohabbat odh kar, ek din gali ke mod par

Teri hatheli par likhun mera naam tere naam par

Phir tu taqalluf chhod kar, Phir tu jhuka kar ke nazar

Rakhna mere kaandhe pe sar. Zindagi…"

- Zindagi, Bajrangi Bhaijaan

While all of us love to hear Neelesh Misra's 'qisse' and 'kahaniyaan' on the radio while driving home at night, we at WittyFeed want to feed you with the equally heartfelt lyrics by the man himself, in our favourite Bollywood tracks. 

Whether it is The Neelesh Misra Show, Qisson ka Kona with Neelesh Misra or Yaadon ka Idiot Box, Neelesh Misra has all of us smitten by his baritone. How he binds us with his soulful stories and has the art of infusing emotions in absolutely simple stories and then narrating them as though they were his. 

Swoon through the lyrics to fall in love with him, once again.