Which Bollywood Film Made This Disney Actor's Christmas Unforgettable?

Have you seen the film Inside Out? Then you must see this.

It's no surprise that Hollywood rules the film industry around the world, but the flavors of emotions you'll find in the Indian films are incomparable. Maybe that's why some Indian movies tend to leave a long-lasting impact on our life. And it's visible that people all over the world are crazy about the way Indian filmmakers present a story on the bigger screen with the blend of songs and epic dialogues.

Indian cinema is more vibrant and colorful than any other film industry. And surprisingly, not only ordinary folks but even Hollywood celebrities seem to have a kick of watching Indian films. Like it happened recently when an Oscar-winning animated film, Inside Out's actress, Mindy Kaling wished the world a Merry Christmas in the most Indian way possible. 

Have a look!