15 Times Bollywood Tried To Copy Hollywood And Failed Badly

Stop copying!

Nowadays, whenever I watch any Bollywood movie, I become quite sceptical regarding its originality. It seems like I have seen the movie or have heard/read about it before.

We all are well aware of Bollywood's fascination towards Hollywood. Bollywood is also emerging as one of the greatest fans of South Indian movies too. So what's the problem? It's really good to take inspiration. Well, it's good to take motivation, ideas, and inspiration from others and implement them in your own work to make it tremendous and incredible. But here, it is just the opposite. 

Bollywood is becoming a 'Copycat'. They took the story, stuff it with same Bollywood spices (same romantic songs, love angles et al) and presented it as a whole new blockbuster. But it doesn't bring the desired results. And when we compare the original with the duplicate, the results become hilarious.

Here is a list of 15 movies and poster which were copied from Hollywood but failed to achieve the desired target. The imitation appears to be funny.