These Gifts Celebrity Kids Received Will Make You Jealous

Who doesn't like getting gifts?  


Well, some say, living a celeb's life is the best thing. However, we say, living the celeb’s offspring’s life is even better. Here’s why; firstly, they do not need to work as much as their parents, be it in films or shows. Secondly, the pressure their parents face has no comparison to what they face. Lastly, the earner of the family, like any other family are their parents, and Bollywood celebs definitely are among the high earners. So, you get the point, right?

Even though we see the lives of the celebs through the camera, do not mistake it by wondering their offsprings are any less. With the huge amounts earned by the parents, it is likely for them to shower their kids with some love by means of expensive gifts. By 'expensive', we mean, really expensive!

Check out these sweet and expensive gifts that kids received from their celebrity parents.