From Their Debut Movies Till Today, This Is How These Bollywood Actresses Have Transformed

Do you know when did they first appear on the silver screen?


Once in a while, I go through my old pictures, you know why? Because it helps me relive the memories and it brings to my attention the path I have traveled. Whenever we look at our old pictures, we realize how far we have come.

On the same note, whenever we look at the royal life of our favorite stars, we realize how much hard work they have put to reach the spot they are today. They worked day and night, put their best in everything they did, some got failures at first while some became starts at their debut, whatever they are today, they have worked hard for it. 

Here is a list of actresses who proved everything can change its pace if you try hard. And these actresses transformation over the years is not only worth reading but also worth sharing. So, let's see how they used to be then and how they are now.