This Is How Delhi BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari's Life Got Saved After A Murder Threat

A coincidence saved him!

What were you doing last night? Yes, away from the house in a party. So was Delhi BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari. A parliamentarian's life who owns one of the houses at North Avenue would’ve been at risk if this didn’t happen. We cannot ignore the fact that Tiwari is a family man along with being a part of Modi government making him a rival of many.
Also, with the winning spree, BJP has been on ever since they came in power, people like Manoj happen to be in the limelight for a lot many reasons. Being a political head, people know where the Chief lives but even an area as secure as the neighborhood of Rashtrapati Bhawan couldn't prevent from what happened on the night of April 30.
The following which happened at around 2 O’clock in the night will tell you what saved his life.