Tiger Gets Brutally Crushed By A JCB And The Video Will Shock You

Was JCB the only option left for the forest officials?

On Thursday morning, a crowd of wanderer laborers struggling at a stone mine on the Dabka river, Uttaranchal (India) went into the forests of Belpadav area in the Terai West Forest Division where they saw the male tiger.

The cat big enough to kill anyone attacked Bhagwati Devi, 33, and when her father-in-law Lakhpat tried to help her, he attacked him as well. Both the victims died on the spot.

The Dabka and Kosi waterways are massively mined, mostly illegally, for the rock which puts tremendous stress on the native ecosystems, and the wildlife environment throughout Corbett Tiger sanctuary.

The wild cat who is known for hunting men; gets killed by an officer who has taken an oath to 'Save Tiger.'