Being Fat Was a Status Symbol Once until We Started With Body Shaming

Some serious amends our modern culture needs.

Did you know that there was a time when people who had meat on them (in today's terms "fat") were considered to be rich and was a status symbol? 

The answer is not that complex as the question appears to be, it was so because they could afford food. But, today, people are worried because they're putting on weight, hitting gyms to shed that body fat and are blindly following the trend of zero figures and eight-pack abs. 

Is it important to be in shape which is acceptable to others or accept your physical appearance the way it is and stay healthy (mentally and physically)? 

Health is not superficial, the body is, but the materialistic world we live in - appearance is all that matters, unfortunately. 

Precisely, body shaming. Well, it not only affects your own thinking but also hurts the other person. Here are three ways in which it is done around you and you might be a contributor. Say NO to body shaming and read further to educate yourself so that if unknowingly you are propagating it then, DON'T!