Billboard Ad Creates An Outrage For Body-Shaming And Everyone Loses Their Minds

Do you think body-shaming is correct? 


In today's fashion world, plus-size models are winning the ramps with their curvy bodies and enigmatic attitude. More and more models that don't fit the conventional standards are stepping in the industry and are gaining recognition for their talent and NOT their bodies. But despite all that, some stigmas still remain. 

We have always considered beauty means having a wonderful figure, slim waist, and being tall. But how are these standards for beauty set so rigidly? Why can't we consider anything other than this as beautiful? That's what the new South Korean animation movie teaches us. 

'Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs' is being released by Locus Creative Studios and it has recently put up billboards across the United States. The voice over will be done by Chloe Grace Moretz in this movie. Ads for the movie have been released and it met with a lot of outrage from the public about body-shaming. Some obviously chose to speak against the subject, but some of them decided to make their voice heard on Twitter and were all for the plus-size women taking the crown. 

Let's find out.