Bhuvneshwar Kumar Opens Up About His Lovelife And Reveals The Picture Of His 'Better Half'

His 'better half' is damn pretty!


It won't be wrong if I say that after Bollywood Stars, Indian Cricketers are the most followed celebs in our country. 

And like that of B-Town actors, many Cricketers are truly and madly loved by their fans. While boys love them for their perfection on the field, girls follow them for being very attractive. Be it their swag on the field or their stance to face a delivery, be it their sweaty bod at the pitch or their handsome looks when endorsing a brand onscreen, Indian Cricket team is full of good looks, good looks, and good looks. 

But there's a bad news for the female fans out there. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, another handsome guy from the Indian Cricket squad is now taken. Recently, this fast bowler not just opened up about his love life but revealed the photograph of his would be 'better half' as well.Friends, we are here with the photograph of that Lucky Girl in Bhuvneshwar's life. Quickly scroll down to take a look.