Safar, Kaisa Hai Ye Safar: Bhuvan Bam Takes the Road Less Travelled

"Naa jaane kitne Redbull aur biryani khaayi humne shoot par." 

Bhuvan Bam, a name that every Indian youth religiously follows, a name that brings smiles to millions of faces every day, yes, this man recently released his new single, Safar.

Shot in beautiful Kerala and its backwaters, that too in a day, his song is trending on #3 with more than 4 million views on YouTube. Amazing, isn't it? 

BB has been winning hearts not just in India but on the international level as well. Being a true Bhuvan Bam fan, we all know how from a video in 2015, the passionate singer and content creator became the leading YouTuber of India. 

But has it all been easy? Well, while talking to WittyFeed, Bhuvan Bam revealed many things that his fans don't know about him: