15 Best MTV Coke Studio Tracks That Sound As If They Were Composed For Monsoon

*Puts Coke Studio songs on loop*


There are a lot of music lovers out there and even if you aren't one, you ought to listen to some sort of music. Everybody does!

So,  I'm sure all Indians and Pakistanis have heard of MTV Coke Studio and if you haven't it's good to assume that you're living under a rock!

Anyway, it all started on 17th June 2011 and the concept of it sweeped us off our feets. Here, some of the most famous musicians compose and perform original songs that feature a blend of Indian folk music and modern western music. And it is surreal!

Here is a compilation of 15 of the best MTV Coke Studio songs that not just me but a lot of people have been playing on a loop for a long, long time! They never seem to go out of our music collection.