Dear BFF, Here Is What I Want To Do Before Either Of Us Gets Married

Do you have a list too? 


One of my friends got married just last week. Watching her go away, gosh! It was truly heartbreaking. She said she will meet us often, but duh! I know she won't . 

So, after her bidaai, my best friend and I, *on an emotional note* shared a look and made some plans. Plans for things we want to do together before one of us gets married. When I started writing this article, I realised that there are many other BFFs like us who would have made such plans as well. So I jotted their points down as well. 

Come, have a look at my wishlist with my BFF before anyone of us gets married. 

TIP: If you haven't made a wish-list yet, make one soon. Because looking at your best bud going away FOREVER is really hurtful.