Bermuda Triangle Has Been Hiding These Surprising Facts From Us

You will not dare to go to Bermuda Triangle after reading this. 


After consuming the lives of thousands, Bermuda Triangle has apparently become one of the most mysterious places is the world which has unresolved stories. Also known as the Devil's Triangle, it lies in the Western part of the Atlantic Ocean. Some aircraft and watercrafts have disappeared here in a mysterious way.

The Bermuda Triangle is a section of Atlantic Ocean which is bounded by Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda and was firstly mentioned in an article in the magazine Argosy. Since then it has achieved an image of a scary and very secretive place because it has swallowed everything that crosses it.

For those who have visited this place cannot share about what it is all about because certainly, they did not return and for those who haven't visited aren't aware of it. So, here we have the interesting facts about Bermuda Triangle that are unknown to you.